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Hi everyone – I’m back!

Where I Was

After a couple of surgeries and a few “complications” thereafter, I’m back! Yes, it has definitely been a “Tower” kind of year. Before my surgery, I wasn’t sure how things would go so I thought it best at the time to close down the Web site until I see what happens.

The Web Site

Luckily, things went well and I’m perfectly well now. So I’ve decided to restart my Web site. While I was ill, my domain name – expired and a certain domain name provide who shall remain unnamed, snatched it up and now wants a more than goodly amount of money for it. Hmm…valuable lesson learned here. Instead, I decided to rebuild the site from scratch (keeping with the Theme of the Tower) complete with a new domain name:

What Now?

I discovered that I really had to rebuild as my old backups where gone as well. I still had a personal backup, in document form, of all of my posts. So I will be adding a good majority of them back shortly – posts such as deck reviews, book reviews, spreads, tarot techniques and the “21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card” series.

New Clients are Welcome

I am once again accepting new Tarot clients as well. During my recuperation, I was still able to work with my existing clients (Thanks to all of you for bearing with me!!) but had to trim my schedule and not take on anyone new. I’m am now looking forward to connecting with new clients as well as my fantastic existing clients.  See my Readings page if you wish to book a reading.

New Goodies Arriving on The Blog

In addition to bringing back old posts, I will be adding new content shortly. I plan on resurrecting the Artist’s Way experiment that I unfortunately was unable to continue with at the time. I will be starting from scratch so if you didn’t get an opportunity to participate last time, you can now. I will most likely be starting it past the new year as I know that the holiday season is a busy time for many folks.  Keep your eyes out for new book reviews and new deck reviews as well (what does one do while recuperating? Why purchase new Tarot decks and books of course!).

I will also be adding a new feature to the blog called “Tarot Thursdays”. Each week, I will draw one name from my Newsletter subscribers list for a free reading.  The reading will be posted online each Thursday on the blog. If you wish to be eligible, please subscribe to my newsletter for all the details.

I am looking forward to an exciting new journey here with all of you as we use Tarot to spark our creativity and to empower us in our lives!



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