Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

The Lover Spread: The Creative Process

Seeing that I just reviewed The Sol Invictus: The God Tarot, I thought I would post a helpful spread from the companion book. The spread is entitled The Lover Spread: The Creative Process and focuses on the creative process – of manifesting an idea into something real – manifesting our dreams. It can be used for the beginnings of any project and is especially useful for identifying inspiration and the driving force behind one’s ideas.

The layout is as follows:

Lover Spread Image

Cards 1 & 2: The drive & passion – what brings about this creative process

Card 3: Inspiration, first stirrings – what inspires the creative process, the idea itself

Card 4: Advice – what you need to think about

Card 5: The action you need to take next

Card 6: The means to the final result

Card 7: The final outcome – the finished product

I think I shall have to give this a try as I have a new “Tarot-related” project in the works. If you are beginning a new project – or are tossing around a new idea – perhaps this spread can provide some inspiration!

Lover Spread Copyright © Kim Huggens & Nic Phillips

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