Using the Tarot for Creativity and Empowerment

The Power of the Daily One-Card Draw



Knight of Wands card

Knight of Wands from Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot

A standard Tarot practice for many folks is to pull a card every morning to see what the theme or energies of the day will be. This is an excellent way to learn the cards for beginners as well as to learn a new deck. However, many people look at their card of the day, ponder it for a moment, put the card back in the deck and that’s the last they think about it —   or some Tarot readers feel they now know their cards well enough so no longer need to pull a card every day.

However, the card of the day practice can be so much more – it can become a practice of self-creation, of self-discovery. By using your daily card as a map for self-improvement, Tarot becomes an in-depth spiritual practice. It becomes a plan for spiritual growth. I like to use my daily draw for an action towards a goal – an action towards growth. A great question for your draw might be “How can I grow today?” If your daily draws become action oriented, self-creation and growth become inevitable.

One practice that I’ve found extremely effective is using the daily draw to help attain a goal. Think clearly upon your goal and each day draw a card while asking “What can I do today to bring me closer to my goal?”. You’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make by doing this, for it is only action by which we can accomplish our goals – even daily baby steps. Decide where you want to be in your life and then pull a card each day, for guidance on how to get there.

I personally am not a fan of predictive readings. If we ask “what kind of day will I have today?” and we end up pulling the Tower card, we most likely will end up having a “Tower” kind of a day, usually because we end up creating it ourselves. Instead, ask “How can I grow today?”. This way, Tarot stops becoming a fortune-telling tool and instead becomes a tool for self-improvement. Imagine if you do this for a year – every morning, pull a card to see what action you can take to grow today. By the end of the year, you will have experienced a tremendous growth. And that is the beauty of Tarot – it shows us how to create that which we want to do.

Below are some questions that you can try for your daily draw:

  • How can I be most effective today?
  • What might I be invited to learn today?
  • How can I grow today?
  • What should I pay attention to today?
  • What is the most important thing I should be focusing on in my life right now?
  • What is the next step for me in reaching my goal?
  • What can I do to improve my health (happiness, outlook, mood, etc.)
  • What action do my guides (or angels, higher self, universe, etc.) recommend for today?
  • What can I do today to become a better person?
  • What step can I take today to improve my current situation?

You get the idea. By using your daily draw as an action plan, you use the cards to grow and develop yourself. I find it helpful to recall the words of William Shakespeare who said, “It is a good divine who follows his own instructions.”

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