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Unblocking your Intuition Spread

Since I am closing my week of working with John Holland’s Psychic Tarot, I thought it would be appropriate to do a draw using an “Unblocking Your Intuition Spread” that I came across in my Tarot Journal. Unfortunately, I do now know who the author of the spread is (if you know, please contact me so that I can give proper credit).

The layout is as follows:

Unblocking Your Intuition Spread

1 – What is blocking me intuitively?
2 – What outside influences are affecting my intuition?
3 – What is inside of me that is hindering my intuition?
4 – What can help me with my intuition?
5 – What do I need to change to help me with my intuition?
6 – What can I do to “unlock” myself intuitively?

Below are the results of my reading using the Psychic Tarot:

Intuition myspread

What is blocking me intuitively: Conflict and Defeat

This card is the equivalent of the 5 of Swords in the Rider-Waite-Smith tradition and can sometimes represent wounded pride or humiliation. The can at times suggest our inability to forgive those who have wronged us, keeping our minds in a “victim mentality”. This card is telling me that continuing to focus on past wrongdoings by others is blocking my intuition and that it is time to walk away and free myself from this unnecessary burden. I believe I am aware of what this card is referring in my particular situation.

What outside influences are affecting my intuition: Discontent & Boredom

This card is the equivalent to the 4 of Cups and represents stagnation, impatience – perhaps even feeling let-down and empty. Perhaps an environment that does not promote excitement is the problem here – perhaps doing work that you do not find fulfilling.

What is inside of me that is hindering my intuition: Transformation

This is the equivalent of the Death card in the RWS tradition and represents change and endings. In this position, I see this card as telling me that resisting change that is happening in my life – perhaps preferring instead the stagnation of the above card – is hindering my intuition. This card is about letting go of the past (hmm…perhaps indicating a need for forgiveness as suggested by the first card) so that I can make a fresh start in a new direction.

What can help me with my intuition: Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra card is one of the extra chakra cards that John Holland included in this deck. The throat chakra is about communication and self-expression. This card may be pointing out the need to keep this chakra in balance by not holding in what I feel needs to be said. According to the companion book, humming, chanting or singing out loud can activate this area, and in doing so can promote intuitive creativity.

What do I need to change to help me with my intuition: Patience

This card is the equivalent of the Temperance card in the RWS deck and represents patience, self-control, balance and moderation. This is another card that has come up quite a lot for me lately and is not doubt telling me that I need to be more patient – and not to give up when things don’t happen as quickly as I would like. This is a fault of mine – lack of patience at times – that I am very well aware of.

What can I do to “unlock” myself intuitively: Love Begins

This card is the equivalent to the Ace of Cups and represents love, happiness and positive emotions. It is pretty much accepted that negative thoughts and feelings are intuition blockers. What this card is telling me, is to open myself up to the higher vibrations of positive emotions and spiritual awareness. By being aware of unhelpful thoughts and emotions, can I begin to unlock my intuition and become more in tune with the universe.

So – what do you need to do to unblock YOUR intuition? Try the spread and find out!

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